Charlos Cove Businesses

Jim Colvin owned a boat shop, “Tor Bay Boat Builders Ltd,” that was built in June 1979 and later closed.  A subsequent business was established at the same location in 1993: Seawind Landing Country Inn. In April of 2008 David and Ann Marie de Jongh of Edmonton, Alberta purchased Seawind Landing. For more information visit


Seawind Landing Country Inn

Seawind Landing Country Inn

Alexander Richard operated  a store in the 1940’s.   He picked up supplies at the Train station in Monastery.  His son Francis, took over the business after Alexander passed away in 1972. Hampton’s Bakery from Pictou supplied  local stores with barrels of cookies, fish and more.






Below is a photo of the store with Francis’ children Geneve and Hughie Richard standing in front.




In 1987 Hughie Richard worked on cars in his father’s shed.  In 1989-1990 he built his own garage: “Hugh’s Auto Body”.  It burned down a few years later and he rebuilt “Richard’s Service Center”  in Cook’s Cove.

The Co-operative Fish Store was located behind Ernie Sceles’ house.  It was established in 1937 by Rev. Charles Forest.  They processed lobster, and mackerel. They would salt the mackeral and put it in barrels to ship to Halifax for sale via John Richards’ boat.


Fish Store by the Island

Fish Store by the Island

The Credit Union in Charlos Cove was established in 1937 by Rev. Charles Forest.

Anderson’s Lobster Factory was built in 1932,  located at N45 14.836, W061 20.004.  Below is a photo of the factory.


Hughie Richard has a wood carving business. He lived in Beaverbank for one year, and as he said “it was a really boring place”, one day he was reading a magazine and saw a picture of a hand carved bird. He said ” I can make that”, so he pick up a knife and started carving.  20 years  later, he has crafted many different animals from Bald Eagles, to Wolves.  He said  he doesn’t have patience for anything else in the world but this. It is something he enjoys and he’s very talented. To see the work he puts into each individual piece is amazing.  It is a great gift to have the ability to create a piece of art.

sheep1wood-pecker sea-scene_picnik


Isabelle’s Craft Shop opened  in May 1995 and closed in December 2002. She now resides in Antigonish and continues to make  Candy Bouquets for all occasions, and a few crafts.  Below are  two examples of her candy bouquets.

small_candy small_candy2