In 1937  there was a Lobster Factory operating in the cove.  The price of lobster was 10 cents/lb. The cost of a fishing/lobster license was 25 cents.  In 1972 the price of lobsters was $1.50/lb and the cost for a license remained the same.

In the years before mechanization and wire lobster pots, fisherman worked harder;  hauling  hand over hand water laden pots hopefully full of lobsters.  Mackerel and herring were used for bait. Bait was cut up and put it in little bags inside the traps.

Fisherman cured their own fish and salted cod.  Fish was dried on clothes lines, or strung across a ladder.

Edmond “Emmy”  Doiron  age 71, was a fisherman in the Larry’s River/Tor Bay/Charlos Cove area for over 40 years.  He retired about 18 years ago and handed his boat and license to son Darrell who fishes out of Charlos Cove.

Emmy had several boats through the years and  worked out of Larry’s River.  He had a lobster licence and fished by long line starting around 1950 when he was 12 years old. He caught cod at 3 cents a pound by hand line.  Long line fishing brought cod at 16-17 cents a pound and  haddock at 18 cents in the 1970’s early 80’s.

He  fished out of Canso and Charlos Cove using gill nets about 35- 40 years ago on a boat named,  the Leland B., after his stepson. He followed marks off the land and  used a compass to determine his position on the water and remember where the fish were frequently found.  Fisherman also accessed land based  LORAN – C stations in White Head and Ecum Secum by radio to determine their position.