Charlos Cove Infrastructure & Development

Charlos Cove Power

Before there was power in Charlos Cove, people would cut chunks of ice from the river, cover it up with saw dust and wrap their meat up in freezer paper. Ice wouldn’t melt no matter how hot it was, the saw dust kept it frozen and that is how they kept their meat all winter.

Before there was power, they washed themselves in a pan of water. Saturday’s would be the day you washed your hair. Residents washed their clothes with a washboard.

They would use oil lamps for light because they had no power. Charlos Cove got power in March, 1950.

Charlos Cove Roads

Before the road was built in 1961, people in Charlos Cove would start shovelling and the people of Larry’s River would start. They shoved until they would meet in the middle.

Back in the day, there was only 2 phones, they were at Wilson Pitts and George Pitts. If  you wanted a drive anywhere you would call them. They had a hall down in Cole Harbour, Wilson and George would take a truck load of people down for 25 cents a head down to dances.

snowstorm_plowstuckThey built the road through Charlos Cove in 1961. In 1962 the road was paved through. In the winter, the storms were very bad, there was so much snow it would take 2 days for the snow plow to come from Canso. Sometimes the snow would be up to the power poles.