Goshen At War

An Army reserve was formed in the 40’s in the district of St. Mary’s and run by Edwin Fraser of Sherbrooke.  Uniforms were issued and weekly training sessions were held in the surrounding communities.

Those who served from 1914-1918

Pte. John Cousins

Pte. John Croft

Pte. Nathaniel Feltmate

A.B. Hiram Grant

Pte. John Grant

Pte. Lewis Green

Pte. George Green

Pte. Carleton Green

Pte. Fred Kennedy

L.Cpl. Harker MacGregor *

Pte. A.Wendell MacHattie *

Pte. Albert A. MacHattie

Pte. James L. MacHattie

Pte. H. Chas. MacIntosh

Pte. Geo. P. MacIntosh

Pte. Stanley MacNaughton

Lt. Daniel MacNeil

Sgt. Thomas Nelson

Spr. Alex Polson

Pte. Donald Polson

Pte. James M. Sinclair *

Pte. Chas. H. Sinclair

Pte. Peter A. Sinclair

Pte. Wm. J. Sinclair

Cpl. J. Huntley Sinclair

Sgt. Robert S. Sinclair

Sgt. Wm. A. Sinclair

Lt. Fraser R. Sinclair

Pte. D. Wendell Stewart

Pte. C. Albert Tickner

Those who served from 1939-1945

Cpl. Wallace Cameron

Spr. Alexander Cameron

Tpr. Russell Cummings

Sqr. Ldr. J. Arthur Forbes

Sgt. Major J. Franklin Forbes

S.Sgt. James Forbes

S. Sgt. Andrew Forbes

L.A.C. Lester S. Hattie

Pte. George E. Jordan *

Spr. J. Allen Kennedy

Ptpr. Harry King *

Pte. William McCaul *

Lt. Ella P. MacHattie

Lt. Louise I. MacHattie

Pte. Roland G. MacHattie

Sgt. Irving M. MacHattie

Pte. H. Leslie MacIntosh

Comdr. Donald G. MacKinnon

Cfn. Henry E. MacKinnon

Sgt. Donald Polson

Law. Isabel (Fraser) Cameron

Ord.Smn. Donald B. MacNeil

Lt. Virginia M. MacNeil

Tech.Sgt. Wilro G. Morrison

Spr. Ralph Polson

S. Sgt. Donald Polson

Cpl. Robert V. Polson

Cpl. T. Stewart Polson

Sig. C. Lloyd Polson

P.O. Andrew I Sinclair *

L.A.C. Harold M. Sinclair

Flt.Sgt. Robert E. Sinclair

Pte. James Stearns

Pte. Joseph Day

A.B. Victor G. Cousins

Lt. Hector Grant

L.A.C. G. Henry Nichols

Cpl. Phyllis Nichols

Sgmn. Clifford P. Nichols

Freeman Wesley Feltmate

* Killed In Action