Goshen CBC Television Transmitters

This is a list of all television transmitters operated by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in the area at this time. The first column shows the call sign assigned to the transmitter, the second column shows the geographical location of the transmitter, the third column “CH” shows the TV channel the transmitter broadcasts on, the fourth column shows the “ERP” (Effective Radiated Power) in watts, and the last column “TOWER” shows the height in feet/metres of the tower supporting the transmitter antenna. There are two “root” call signs, CBHT and CBIT; they carry identical programs but different commercials; both are fed from the Halifax station.


CALL SIGN          LOCATION         CH                    ERPwatts                        TOWER feet/ m
CBHT                 Lochaber                  12                       33 100 *                            70 21
CBIT                  Goshen                       13                       2 8.9 *                                 70 21


All of these transmitters broadcast in the NTSC (officially the National Television Standards Committee, but often irreverently interpreted as Never The Same Colour, a reference to the notorious inability of the NTSC system to reproduce accurate colours at the receiving end, in contrast to the PAL system) format, promulgated  in the 1940s. This is an analogue format, with each frame composed of 525 horizontal scan lines. There is no compression; that is, each frame is transmitted complete, as a totally new frame, even if it is a still scene unchanged from the previous frame. To reduce flicker, each frame is divided into two fields, with one field composed of the odd-numbered scan lines, and the other field the even-numbered scan lines. The transmission rate is 60 fields per second, making 30 frames per second (compared to the movie rate of 24 frames per second). The video is transmitted as an AM (amplitude modulated) signal, and the audio is transmitted as an FM (frequency modulated) signal, with both the AM and FM carriers being embedded within the channel.