Goshen Copper Lake Radio Range


Radio Range Under Construction

Radio Range Under Construction

Copper Lake Radio Range was the name of the weather station. A land survey was conducted in the early 1940’s on Copper Lake Rd. with the intention of constructing an airport; several lots were cleared towards that end, most of the work took place on land owned by Ebenezer Henderson. The airport that was planned for Goshen was transferred to Greenwood, Nova Scotia in the Annapolis Valley. The land was put to use through the construction of four weather towers, built during the war in 1942. The towers gave direction to planes that had Goshen in their fight path.  They also reported the weather to the planes and a base in Halifax.

Merritt Feltmate purchased three single houses in 1964 that were part of the weather station. He moved them from their original location to their present locations in Goshen.  He sold one of the houses to Stewart Cadell in 1969. Brian Feltmate owns another, which is in its original location and Vera Feltmate, widow of Merritt Feltmate, continues to live in the third. The fourth house, which is a double home on its original site, is owned by James & Katherine Kennedy and Clancy Cameron.

List of Radio Range Operators

Milton Myers

John DeRoche


Cliff Shea-  ?

Edna MacKinnon

Stewart MacKinnon

Paul Cooper

Keith Wile

Bill Brown

Ted Lohnes

Alex MacKeen

Ralph Tabor

Gerry MacMillan