Goshen Grocery Stores

Grocery Stores
The first general store was owned by the Wall family who lived on Copper Lake Rd.  The store itself was moved and is now Joe Days house. The store closed in 1917 and the next store to open was MacNaughton’s & Sinclair’s located at N45 22.887 W061 58.527’.

L-R: MacNaughton garage, barn, store, Goshen School House, Foreground: MacNaughton residence

L-R: MacNaughton garage, barn, store, Goshen School House, Foreground: MacNaughton residence

MacNaughton & Sinclair's Store

MacNaughton & Sinclair’s Store




local-landmark-demolishedOriginally a carpenter shop the building was renovated in 1919 by Allen MacNaughton and Ernest Sinclair to house the store. They built a new store in 1931.   The warehouse of the store was built by Simon Sinclair in 1895. The general store in Goshen carried food, cloths, axes, picks, saws, shovels, barrels of molasses, oil, gas and kerosene. Supplies for the store originally came from boats docking at Country Harbour and later from Antigonish County at the Railway Station in Lower South River. The store was run by the MacNaughtons until 1973, when it was sold to Donald and Ellen Crooks. They ran the store for seven years until Ellen converted the store into a ceramic shop. The building was later torn down.








Hanging out at MacNaughton's store circa 1950

Hanging out at MacNaughton’s store circa 1950

In the early 1930’s a grocery store was located at N45 22.643’ W061 58.401’ (currently the end of Sonny Alexander’s driveway) owned by Athol Hattie. It was purchased by Earl Mason, he moved it and turned it into a house (this is the aforementioned Earl’s House from the Merritt sections). The store was very small and sold gas as well as an assortment of groceries. Athol closed the store to go work at the Co-op in Argyle.

The Co-op store in Argyle, a branch of the St. Andrews Co-op store, opened in 1940-41 and closed in 1976. Athol Hattie was the first manager of the store. He operated the store until 1946 when Peter Macintosh took over. Peter worked there with Winston Hattie from 1946-1947. When Peter Macintosh left, Winston ran the store and had Harold O’Brien as an employee until Warren Cameron and his wife Ida took it over. When Warren passed away Ida stayed working until the store closed. The store sold food, clothes, farming equipment and had a gas pump.

Merritt Feltmate built the foundation of what is now known as Goshen Enterprises in 1943/1944. It was originally a two-bay garage, but before it was fully finished there was a fire and the entire shop was lost. After the fire it was rebuilt as a two story building and the ground floor was expanded. The building served as a grocery store on one end and a garage on the other. The grocery store sold food, gas, bathroom equipment, oil, clothing and farm equipment. There were three mechanics that worked at the garage; Victor Luddington, Freddy Jones and Bert O’ Hara.  In the late 1960’s the garage closed because there we no mechanics.

Goshen Enterprises

Goshen Enterprises

Barry Mackenzie bought the store from Merritt Feltmate in 1981. George Arsenault, Barry’s son-in-law, first managed the store. Then Trevor Mackenzie, Barry’s son, became manager in 1988 and currently holds the position.