Goshen Blueberry Industry

In 1955, Seward Feltmate and his two sons, Merritt and Murray, started a blueberry buying business in Goshen. When the business began they purchased blueberries from local growers and sold them to a company in Maine called A.L Stewarts. Over the years the business grew and the Feltmates became blueberry growers as well as buyers. They now sell their own blueberries to Oxford Frozen Foods in Oxford, Nova Scotia. Each summer they hire between 60-70 people to rake and pick berries. The season lasts five to six weeks from mid-August to mid-September. There have been dramatic changes in the industry over the years from growing to harvesting. Originally burning straw was used to prepare the fields but now oil fires and mowing clear the fields and crops are picked with mechanical Harvesters.

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