Goshen Sports and Entertainment

cross-country-bill-sinclair-bertha-McNaughton-Horse races were held on Locharber Lake.  People spent their free time playing baseball, hockey, skating, and cross country skiing.

In the 1940’s, there was a ball team that played every week.  More people came to watch then to actually play.  They played in teams made up of community members, not against outside teams.

A Red Cross hospital was founded in Sherbrooke in the late 40’s; fund raising included movie night which traveled around the local communities- Goshen had movie night at the school on Tuesday nights.  Price of admission .25 cents.

Fall and spring rallies were held at the school grounds in the late 1920’s, organized by Mrs. Bertha MacNaughton before her marriage when she came to Goshen as a helping teacher.  The rallies included folk dancing, games and a display of local animals.