Goshen Woods Work

3People cut pulp in the spring/summer.  They hauled wood out all week with a return of 1 cord about 3 dollars circa 1930.  Today, prices range from $20 to $40 per cord: click hereIn the 1930′s men may have cut 18 cord a season.

When the lake was frozen a team of horses would haul the wood out of the lot.

Some men who hauled and cut wood were sons of Lige Feltmate, Eddie and Bill in particular, John Sutherland, Waldo Hendsbee, and Johnny Doucett.

There were woodcutting crews that would come to the MacNaughton property.  The women of the house would cook for days to prepare for their arrival (circa 1945).  The men on the crew, came to split the years wood and worked all day, returning each day until the sawing was done and the saw was moved to the next location.




7In this picture circa 1945: Bobby Cameron, man on left, wood cutter may have belonged to Wilfred Grant, south Locharbor.