Larry’s River Businesses

sawmillRev Charles J. Forest and fellow parishioners formed a consumer co-operative and a sawmill in 1928, and in 1932 the Torbay Cannery and a fish processing plant was constructed. They canned Blueberries, Lobster and Chicken Haddie. A  haddock was called a ‘haddie’ and a small haddock was called a chick. Thus the curious name of Chicken Haddie came about. Although other white fish, i.e. Cod, Hake, Pollock, are also used, the name has stuck. For twenty years or so, employed both men and women, and kept these communities alive. The buildings at the government wharf in Larry’s River are the remnants of this canning factor.

Fishing was the main occupation, but these hardy Acadians supplemented their income with blueberry picking and processing. In 1946, residents picked some 20,000 gallons of blueberries, and processed them into 4,000 cases for the market. The pickers realized $12,000 for their work. Father Forest became a pioneer In the co-op activities.


Below is a photograph of the fish plant and Torbay Cannery.


Torbay Cannery September 1954

Torbay Cannery September 1954

Torbay Cannery was located

Torbay Cannery was located

The co-op store and credit union was built In 1933. Below is a photograph of the building where the credit union was, also Village Grocery Store was there from 1977 until January 16th, 1994.


John Delorey of Larry’s River left home at age 18  to work with Canada Hydrographic Service.  He was the quarter master on one of the hydrographic ships which  worked in the Canadian North. He moved back to Larry’s River at the age of 36. He did carpentry work for 3 years before he started working at the Co-op; he later managed the store. He purchased the store from Bradley Pellerin in 1977 and changed it to Village Grocery. On January 16th 1994, John moved the store down the road into the building across from the Communities along the Bay- Multi Use Facility.

William J. Murphy purchased “Murphy’s General Store” from Malloy roughly around 1930.  The store was run by John, Nina, and Ethel Murphy until the management was taken over by Herman Murphy who currently runs the store.