Larry’s River Church

Even by 1815 there was no church, no priest. Every five years or so the Bishop from Quebec would sail into Torbay to marry or baptize people or otherwise see to local people’s religious needs. One day, he sent word from his ship that he would be coming ashore at Larry’s River the next day and word spread among the communities around the Bay. By the time he stepped ashore in Larry’s River the next morning all the people of Port Felix more than ten kilometers away had made the trek through the woods to see him.

About 1872, St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church was built and first used in 1873.

A stroll through the graveyard next to the church reveals headstones of most French Acadian names. In this graveyard is a monument of St. Peter, the Acadian patron saint.

Below is a photo of the church March 2010, and the church in 1920.

larrys-river-church small_IMGP1755

A list of the Priests that served in the parish:

Rev. L A Chatlillion 1893-1894
Rev Neil MacDonald 1894-1895
Rev D E Chisholm 1895-1902
Rev J A Dauteilil 1903-1913
Rev N H Comier 1914-1918
Rev Charles Forest 1918-1953
Rev Neil MacKinnon 1953-1957
Rev Hugh D MacDonald-1957-1966
Rev Peter Piva 1966-1970
Rev J .J MacDonald-1970-1972
Rev Clair Richard 1972-1974
Rev Francis Cameron-1975-1979
Rev J A M Mbourguette 1979-1982
Rev Reginald Currie-1982-1985
Rev Gary MacPherson-1985-1987
Rev Paul K Murphy-1987-1989
Rev Neil McKenna 1989-1991
Rev Je’m Attwood 1991-1993
Rev Gerald Campbell-1993-1994
Rev Dwaine Devereaux 1996-1997
Rev Barrett Clair Johnson-1997-1999
Rev John McLeod March 1999-June 1999
Rev Charles Donovan-1999-2001
Rev Will Macpherson 2001-2002
Rev Jonathan Nweke June 2005-Present

St. Peter's first Communion boys 1947

St. Peter’s first Communion boys 1947