Lincolnville Schools


Guysborough Road Consolidated School

In 1931, the community of Lincolnville received its first school.  The Guysborough Road Consolidated School was an improvement to the community by providing education for the children of Lincolnville.  The school was one room and consisted of a stove in the centre of the floor. Gussie Ash was a teacher and the principle of the school. The grades went from Primary to six and the main subjects taught were, Math, English and History. In 1964, a new school was built and the Guysborough Road Consolidated was turned into a family home until it was torn down.

Mary E Cornish School

Mary E Cornish School today

Mary E Cornish School today

In 1964, the Mary E Cornish school was built , not only to educate the members of Lincolnville but also to educate people that lived in nearby communities. The Mary E Cornish School had about 5 classrooms, and 36+ students. The students travelled back and forth to school by bus and on foot and spent at least 6hrs at school each day. In 1983, the Mary E Cornish school closed its doors to segregation and the students were thenbussed to the Guysborough School.  The Mary E Cornish School was torn down in 2014.