The Awakening Souls Association

The Awakening Souls was formed in September 2007. Their debut
performance was on the 185th anniversary of Tracadie United
Baptist Church with special guest the Honourable Mayann Francis,
Lt. Governor of Nova Scotia. The rest is history. There are 23 Black
youth from Antigonish, Upper Big Tracadie, Lincolnville, Sunnyville
and Monastery Road. Except for the ones from Antigonish, we are
talking about a prominently rural Black area where there is no local
public transit.

A contest was held within the group and Ariel Gerro came up with
the winning name – the Awakening Souls. The name was fitting; a
newly formed group has been commission by our Lord and Saviour to
awakening the souls with Gospel and Old Negro Spirituals.

Is to provide a Christian and healthy environment
for young people to sing and praise the Lord.

OUR OJECTIVES:To preserve our Black heritage.
Promote youth in their artistic capacity
Promote youth to interact with other youths from
different communities.
Provide a Christian and healthy environment for
young people.
To develop self-esteem.
Make them responsible for their dress and
Give them faith that others will assist them in
their endeavourers.
To be ambassadors for their perspective
To be role models for other youths.

We have been performing all over eastern Nova Scotia – no charge.
Some places we have performed are:
Marcus Garvey Days in Glace Bay
Closing Ceremony at the Coady Institute at St. Fx. University
Multicultural Day at NSCC Strait Campus, Port Hawkesbury
Both Nursing Homes in Antigonish and Guysborough for Multicultural
Black Heritage Service at Tracadie United Baptist Church
AUBA Gospel Fund Raiser Concert for Songs for Haiti at Saint
Thomas United Baptist Church, North Preston.

1 . Terrell Desmond
2 . Rhondell Gerro
3 . Leonard Gerro
4 . Jamine Desmond
5 . Jalese Desmond
6 . Jade Desmond
7 . Kwame Reddick
8 . Kyonnah Reddick
9 . Dondre Reddick
1 0 Kameron Sparks
1 1 Josiah Sparks -
1 2 Bronte Desmond
1 3 Brianne Desmond
1 4 Kenyatte Desmond
1 5 Joey Daye 232-3068
1 6 Latoya Gerro
1 7 Nicholas Gerro
1 8 Joshua Morris
1 9 Anthony Gerro
2 0 Ariel Gerro
2 1 Joshua Desmond
2 2 Colynda Pelly
2 3 Cassandra Desmond

James Sparks – Music Director
Mary Desmond – Choir Supervisor/Business Manager

The Awakening Souls are under the musical director, Jamie
Sparks. Jamie Sparks is an East Coat Music Award Winner and
Mary Desmond, choir supervisor and business administrator.

Peace be upon you and may the spirit rise,
Mary Desmond

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