Upper Big Tracadie Businesses

Monastery stores employed and provided service to Upper Big Tracadie residents.

Hagerty’s Store- in 1914 S.W. Hagerty built a store in Monastery.  He also ran and ice cutting business and had a pitprop contract with Dominion Coal.  Many citizens from Upper Big Tracadie worked for him in some capacity.

D.G. Kirk Building

D.G. Kirk Building

D.G.Kirk Building- opened in 1917 under their management until 1920’s.  The 1920’s saw management transferred to G.W. Whitman.   Other owners were Sam Gondour and Alli Hassin who ran the business from 1949-1987.

Slade`s store-opposite Post office (Circa 1940).

Grant`s country store- Jimmie and Margaret Grant (1970’s), Hickey`s country store, Tate`s country store (1990’s).  Currently abandoned and building for sale.

Alli Hassin was well known for taking his business on the road.  He and his son took their wares from community to community all throughout Guysborough County and Antigonish County.