Upper Big Tracadie Church

Tracadie United Baptist Church

ubt-churchThe United Baptist Church is the second oldest segregated church in Canada. It was founded in 1822. The minister who won the flock from the Church of England to the newly formed United Baptist was Reverend David Nutter.  IN 1873 the church received its official deed, secured by the minister Rev. Bigelow.  The boundaries were assigned as follows: on the East of the Black River, on the West the lands of W. Gerrior, on the north the lands of Malcolm MacDonald.   The church and burial site served the community until 1931 when the burial site was abandoned and the church was moved to its present site on Route 16, civic number 272.

In 1989 the Baptist community restored the cemetery, levelling the ground, adding a fence and erecting a memorial monument.  The church celebrated its 180th anniversary in October 2002.

The Ladies Auxiliary for Tracadie United Baptist Church currently (2010) has 12 members- founded in the late 1940’s early 1950’s.  In June 2009, they began a university scholarship program in the name of late Pastor Norman Elms, son of John Elms (also former Pastor at TUB Church).  Prior to the organization of the Ladies Auxiliary, the women of the church volunteered in the Lend-a-Hand society during the 1930′s.

Hattie Ash served a 38 year term as Tracadie Baptist Church Clerk, acted as Superintendent and teacher of Sunday school for 30 plus years, was a Counsellor of Baptist Youth Fellowship for 22 years, and President and co-founder of the Ladies Auxiliary for 30 plus years.

Elsie Mae Elms held the offices of president and treasurer of the Ladies Auxiliary for over 40 years.

Current (2010) church trustees: Charlie Ash, Russel Elms, Barry Day, Sonja Reddick

The Men’s Brotherhood of Tracadie United Baptist Church current (2010) members: Charles Ash, Alonzo Reddick, Barry Day, Russel Elms, Everett Desmond.  Activities include church fund raising, community assistance and maintenance of church properties.  The Brotherhood, in it’s current incarnation began in the 1960′s.  Prior to that there was an informal organization of men from the church carrying out these same functions.


Lic, William John Elms- pastured at the Tracadie United Baptist Church for 24 years.

Lic, William John Elms- pastured at the Tracadie United Baptist Church for 24 years.


Rev. Donald Thomas

List of Pastors

Rev. Bigelow
Rev. M.L. Anderson
Rev. W.A. Thompson
Rev. A. Skinner
Rev. H.D. Thomas
Licentiate W.J. Elms
Rev. H. Cornish
Pastor N.A. Elms
Rev. A. Kelsic
When no minister was available to preach the deacons of the church would hold services.  The African Baptist association gave license to preach, bury the dead and hold communion.

Pastor Norman Elms

Pastor Norman Elms

Norman Elms began preaching the gospel at the Tracadie United Baptist church in 1961. He was appointed a Deacon in 1962 and was crowned by Rev. H. Donald Thomas in October 1979. The African United Baptist Church Association (AUBA) appointed him a Licentiate in 1981. The AUBA granted him a permanent preaching licence because of his many faithful years of service in the church. He was also granted a license to perform marriages.  Pastor Norman Arthur Elms passed away March 12, 2001.