Upper Big Tracadie Post Office

The center for mail service to Upper Big Tracadie was Monastery where mail came by rail and was picked up and delivered locally by couriers.  Prior to rail service mail was brought in by stagecoach.   The horses would be changed at a farm located close to the current location of the Guysborough landfill and the road would be shoveled by hand to allow passage of the mail wagon. Horses would be changed again at Monastery.  John Mattie was awarded the contract to deliver mail in 1906 and continued to wait on the post train into the late 1930`s.

Mail was brought on the highway to Upper Big Tracadie by Frank Peart  of Guysborough, from the 1920`s onward (for over 50 years).    Mail picked up from Peart would be taken to the house of Lay Pastor Joseph Desmond on Upper Big Tracadie Rd. from the 1930′s onward  and distributed to the community.  Prior to postal service on Upper Big Tracadie Rd.  the mail was distributed from the Grant house, located on route 16, civic number 94.   The  Upper Big Tracadie post offices operated from 1884-1969, except for a period between 1941-1944.  The home based post office sold stamps, delivered mail, and C.O.D. orders but they could not issue money orders or dispatch C.O.D.`s.

From 1970 onward, mail was picked up at the Monastery Post Office and the area currently has rural mail delivery with the nearest Post Office in Havre Boucher.