Goshen Community Center

Goshen Community Center

About Goshen

In 1991, the Goshen Consolidated Elementary School was closed as a result of amalgamation of all elementary schools in the Municipality of the District of St. Mary’s. Volunteers and representatives from community groups worked together to acquire the facility as a community and recreation centre.

In 1998, the community saw a need for a C@P Site which could be housed in the community centre. A C@P committee was formed and the site was opened in the upper level of the community centre. This brought technology into our community for all age groups as well as employed students during the summer months and employment for winter youth interns.

Since 1998, many of our youth have received work experience, training though the site to assist them in furthering their education or in their chosen career. The community members have increased their knowledge of technology as well as supported a number of projects such as data bases for cemeteries, local history and asset mapping.

In 2007, the C@P Site was equipped with high speed internet. Although many in the community had this option as well there were numerous areas where broadband was missing. For these residents a visit to the site made faster downloading, etc. an option.

Now in 2009, all residents will be connected to broadband if they wish. C@P still plays a key role in providing internet service for those who do not have computer/internet service at home as well as will be able to provide training on the endless number of uses of broadband that users at home will be able to build upon.