Sunnyville Clyke’s Grocery Store


Clyke's Groceries

Clyke’s Groceries

In 1973, Ainley Clyke  opened a small grocery store named “Clyke’s Grocery” because he felt it would be a great improvement for the community of Sunnyville, Guysborough Co.


Old Telephone used in the store

Old Telephone used in the store


In the process of getting the store started, he built a piece onto his old house to make space for the store, with a doorway going from the house to the store for easy access so he wouldn’t have to go outdoors, especially during the winters. He had purchased a used cash register for $1500 and a counter from a store in Boylston for $10. He also had an office in the store where he kept all his files and important documents. When the store opened, he had 2 employees working there and his wife would also work there.


He sold a little bit of everything from snack foods (chips, soda), to tobacco pouches and cigarettes.

The prices varied and were considered reasonable back then. He sold Potatoes for $1 per pound, Soda for .20 cents and pouches of tobacco for .15 cents and cigarettes for .25 cents.

His prices ranged from .10 cents to $2.


The next 4 years were going by smoothly until his wife became ill and was getting tired of running back and forth to the store and the bills were starting to pile. Mr Clyke stated that the store had great credit but the bills were becoming too much, too many things were being stolen and his wife being sick, was too much to handle. An auditor came down from Halifax and spoke with Mr Clyke about the books and realized that they were loosing money, so he advised Mr Clyke that it would be best if he closed the store.


In 1977 Clykes Grocery was closed but still remains as a storage area for various truck parts for his company, C.A.Clykes Trucking!