Sunnyville Entrepreneur

Ain Clyke is a name familiar to most people who live in or near the village of Guysborough.  Born and raised in Sunnyville, Ain Clyke took his drive and hard work ethic to the woods and became one of the most successful business men in the area.  The following is a description of his career in the woods.

His first contract on his own, was from a guy named Bill Cleary.  He lived in Havre Boucher.  They had went in the hole and they were cutting hardwood logs and softwood. His father’s horse, a friend and Mr. Clyke went in there to cut logs and haul them out.

He had bought his first truck in 1951.  1949 the truck was but it as good as new.  He bought it from Jim MacPherson.  He lived over on MacPherson’s Straight-away.  He used the truck to haul logs out. He stayed in the camps they had.  A white woman cooked for him, Jess Fraser, from Roachvale.  She was a nice person.  He worked there that year then the next year He met Bernie Chisholm from Antigonish while working there.  Later he became Chisholm’s Construction.  And there was a piece of woodland he was cutting and the lease was up within a week.  And ask Mr Clyke to go in and cut all he could on it because the lease would be up in a week and they had to get off of there.  So he went down in Erinville  about a mile from where he was and  went in there. He cut for a week there until the lease was up.  Then  went with Bernie Chisholm.  Twelve years he  was with him.  And he learned a lot.  Bernie was smart (the Chisholms were nice to work for).  He traveled to different places.  He went to Isaacs Harbour and worked in there a couple of years.

Bernie had a mill there.  That’s eight miles from the road; over the barrens and into the woods.  He built camps in there and he cut for Chisholm.  Then he went to Cape Breton.  Mr. Clyke took a job with Bernie cutting the right-away for the Trans Canada highway.  He took three jobs in one; three seven mile jobs- twenty-one miles from Port Hastings to Melford Road.  They stayed in old farm houses.  He  had about fifteen men.  Mr. Clyke used to haul them back and forth and then had a little farmhouse to stay in. They would cut right aways, burn the brush, and  carry wood off.  It was hard work.

Another thing he did in history was bought a power saw.  Bernie bought it for him.  He got it in Los Angeles, California.  It was a two man saw made by McCulloh. He cut a lot of hardwood logs with that.