Sunnyville Schools

For five years there was no school in Sunnyville.  Ainley Clyke remembers the man that built the school, John Conners.  Steve Pelly recalls the men in the community cutting the logs and having them milled at MacKeen’s.  The school was completed circa 1940.  It eventually was retired and gained a new lease on life as the Sunnyville community Center.


Sunnyville Community Centre

Sunnyville Community Centre

Although the dates are unknown, we do know that there were about 76 students that attended. 38 students were taught in the morning and 38 students were taught in the afternoon. Some of the community members that taught there were: Hattie Daye, Gussie Ash, Marian Pelly & Rita Borden. The grades that were taught were from Grade 1 to Grade 8 (the highest grade) and the age range was 7yrs – 18yrs.


The school was open for 10yrs and closed due to lack of students because a new school was built in Guysborough town.


Some of the teachers over the years in Sunnyville were Angus McCain (circa early 1930’s), Charlie Morgan (circa 1935), and Emily David who boarded at Archie Dortingtons.  Bill White, a teacher from Hamilton Plains, came to Sunnyville and married Glad Pelly.  He was a licensed teacher.

Steve Pelly went to school in the new school for one week- when he was 14- then he left for work.  And the week after him Ain Clyke set off from school too.

The third school in Sunnyville-was located where the recycling center is now.  Some of the teachers were Rita Garr, Agatha Diggon, and Earl Clyke.  Shawn Hadley taught grade 6 from 1970 to 1972 and held the post of principal.  Rita Borden was the principal for many years.  When the school shut down the building was used as the headquarters for the Sunnyville Woodcrafters and is currently the location of the recycling center run by Norman Izzard.