Sunnyville Woodcrafters


Sunnyville Woodcrafters Building Today

Sunnyville Woodcrafters Building Today

In 1978, a business was built through a government grant named” Sunnyville Woodcrafters” which became beneficial to the community by providing employment for those who were not working at the Canso Fishplant.


In a recent interview with a former employee of the woodcrafters (Howard Byard), he stated that before it became the Sunnyville Woodcrafters, the building was an old school house. The owner of the business spent  $45,000 to build a piece onto the school to expand the building. Once expanded, Cupboards and Cabinets were the main selling products. They were being sold for $100/ft. There are still homes around Sunnyville who still have the cupboards.


With the cupboard and cabinet sales getting low, they decided to send furniture to New Brunswick for display by a company vehicle and they also started painting and building homes. One of the first homes built by the woodcrafters is a police house located in Guysborough by the Milford Haven Nursing Home. Most of the employees were carpenters before getting hired so there was no need to take a carpentry course.


There were 9 employees all together when it started and slowly decreased as the years went by.  Mr. Byard’s pay was $6.50/hr and he worked 40hrs/week. Mr.Byard  stated that the main reason why the company only lasted a mere 8 years was because the money it was making was being spent wrong. The people of the community including the employees had beneficial plans for the business, such as building an apartment building to provide more housing . The manager disagreed with these plans and the money kept decreasing until there was nothing left to spend and the customers had everything they needed  which forced the company to shut down in 1986.

Mr Byard added that the business would still be up and running today if the manager had listened to the people and spent the money wisely.  Now, the building is a recycling depot.